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So many reasons, so little time...

Hey Y'all, guess what I went and did? I made some fun little claymation videos (shoutout to Bev at the Philip Craig Group for making them).

So what are my lil vids all about? Blogging, what else?

There are so many reasons to blog, and so I thought what better way to tell people about all the reasons than with claymation videos? So the first four videos (probably more to come down the road) explain and extol all the benefits of blogging -- from growing your community, to sales and of course driving website traffic.

Have a look-see, and tell me what you think. I'm so happy with these, I can't say enough about how adorbs they are. So watch, say hello to my lil friends (*Scarface ref, minus the violence), and you know, tell me what you think.



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