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Looking Back and Looking Forward

As 2018 slowly rolls in, I’m sitting in bed, in the coziest of PJs, next to my fur girls, thinking about why I’m grateful. Here’s my list, share yours below.

1. Nelly’s health – although we’re not out of the woods yet, I’m thankful for the amazing vets who took great care of her. Now, I just need to find a way to make her lose weight fast fast fast before this becomes an issue too.

2. Emerald settling in – maybe wishful thinking, but we really saw a difference in her when we came back from her first family vacation in September. She had an amazing time in Osoyoos, and loved being back home. I think the pieces finally ‘clicked’ for her that she is HOME. Looking forward to another family vacation in 2018.

3. Work. Work has been particularly good for me in 2017 and things kind of blew up in a good way. In my third year of business, I’m finally finding my freelance sea legs, as it were. And now, I can only imagine what 2018 will hold for Brought to you by the letter K.

4. Seeing my family – even though we are thousands of miles (kms) away from each other, it’s been a great year. My nieces are maturing into incredible young ladies, I got to visit my father in Florida, and have fun little inside jokes with my sister.

5. Making plans for Maison Misha (my soon-to-be animal sanctuary) – if it wasn’t for all of the above, this wouldn’t be possible either. Maison Misha will hopefully become a reality in 12-18 months and I’m over-the-moon about it. A dream I never thought possible, and once again, BF has helped me make it a reality.

6. Well, 2017 was a great year for BF as well. Starting off with being on President Clinton’s close protection team in Whistler, to starting his own close protection agency, and taking care of his little family. I’m thankful for the five years we’ve spent together so far, and look forward to many, many, many more as we grow both our businesses and our fur family.

7. The year couldn’t’ve ended on a higher high for me. My Melinda Gates article was shared by Melinda Gates herself. I’ve written for many a celebrity, athlete and business-person, but this is the first time my article (with my name on it) actually gets shared, liked, reposted and shared some more. It brought tears to my eyes, and it was truly the best note to end a great year on.

So here’s to you 2018, and all the wonderful possibilities you bring with you.

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