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When was the last time you were excited about the B2B marketing you produce? When was the last time your customers were excited about your marketing?

Boring marketing is... BORING

Boring marketing doesn't attract attention 

Boring marketing doesn't turn your ideal customers into raving fans

And while your customers are changing, your marketing hasn’t changed since Britney did it again. So... a while ago.

As you lose market share to companies that, on the surface, appear to be more innovative, you know you’ve got to switch it up.

Your industry is growing stagnant and you’re getting older, yet your ideal customers are getting younger. The divide is growing and seems to be impossible to breach.



Appealing to Millennials seems like an impossible, daunting feat. They're tech-savvy, sophisticated, and ready to invest in unique ideas and products. They aren’t interested in the same old, same old.


And you know it’s time to start attracting these decision makers.


They even invented their own language! Isn’t it about time your marketing become bilingual?

That’s where I come in. 


I’m here to help you make your marketing stand out. To show your B2B consumers (because they're consumers) you are all about the fun. That you speak their language.

That’s right. I said funner. Because why the fun not?


Why can’t we make marketing and content different and unique and exciting? Make it so our ideal customers think,
“Waaaaait aaaaa miiiiiinute” and then immediately contact us to learn more. 


Give those B2B buyers a little FOMO. Let's make your brand the bae of the ball. 

Join me in the high-jacquerie of boring marketing and let’s coup lame content. Together we can make B2B more funner. You with me?

Are you ready to make B2B more funner ?



I've created a process called the Threshold of Fun™ that allows me to dig into your business and industry to find the exact right amount of fun it can tolerate. 

Because not every company is the same, this is a very involved process that will ensure buy-in from your entire executive team as well as your key stakeholders. 

Best part? It's fun. 

Wanna learn more about the why you should consider fun and about the full process? 

Make waves in your industry.

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