It’s all about finding the Goldilocks
The one that’s 
just right for your business.

Does this sound like you?

You want to increase engagement and sales but you don’t know how to stand out in the marketplace …

You have no idea how to attract attention from Millennials (the ones marketing experts say are so important) …

You know fun is the way to go but you have no idea where to start …

Many years ago someone told me that your job couldn’t be fun.

I called BS on that and have been on a career-long mission to bring fun to everything I do, for my sake and for my client’s sake.

I’m on a mission to make B2B marketing fun. Why? Because I really, truly, whole-heartedly believe that any business can be fun. It’s just a question of how much fun.

Join me, won’t you?

Ready to make fun your second-favourite F-word too?

Meet the team

Tina Trucker

‘Sup? I’m Tina. I’ve been a truck driver for about 15 years. Being on the road has taught me to give zero Fs (the first kind of Fs, not the second). When you’re on the open road with nothing but 18 wheels, 40 tons, and your common sense, you learn to tell it like it is.

Southk (the K is silent)

Hiiiii! I’m Southk – with a K but the K is silent. I’m a digital nomad and a insta-Influencer. My super powers including trend-following, napping, and selfies. The world is my clam and I’m, like, super stoked to show you how to live your best #PJsAllDay life.


I’m Scout and my specialty is seeing how “fun” translates into analytics everyone understands. I guess you could say I put the fun back in ROI because without it, what’s the point? You can call me a nerd. You can call me a geek. But I guarantee you, I’ll be the first call your CFO makes.

Meet Karine Bengualid

The woman behind the letter

Hi 👋 I’m Karine. 


You might remember me from such (web)pages as home and contact. I’m here to talk to you about something completely different. ME!

With over 17 years of experience in marketing, I consider myself a Jill of all marketing-related trades and a master of fun. I’ve brought a big ol’ F(un) to NBA and NHL sports teams (they’re not always as fun as you would imagine), to utilities providers, to those in the payroll industry, and even to two gutter cleaning companies. 

I’m a French-Canadian-Moroccan-Jew,
a recovering introvert, an aspiring comedienne, and fun is my second favourite F word. In my spare time I enjoy the great outdoors, volunteering (with Nelly the dog), taking mediocre photos of stuff, eating Loblaws’ vanilla cake, and Clue is both my favourite board game and my favourite movie.

Nikon > Canon

Vanilla > Chocolate

Milk > Dark (chocolate)

Snow > Beach

Pool > Gym

Apple > Android

Rescue > Shop

Nikon > Canon
Vanilla > Chocolate
Milk > Dark (chocolate)
Snow > Beach
Pool > Gym
Apple > Android
Rescue > Shop


(AKA the notches on my professional bedpost)




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continuing education certificates

1 singular goal to make B2B marketing more fun


A few of the brands I've worked with since 2002...

So whadaya say?

Are you ready to make fun your second-favourite F-word?

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