Samples of published work

That's right... we've been celebrating Christmas in various ways for marketing purposes for 335 years... 

So a really neat thing happened right before the holidays (Dec 2017) -- Melinda Gates shared my article about her on her social networks. If you wanna know why, take a read. 

I love getting to research and write about the best campaigns around... here are some Halloween gems.

100 Years Later with Shackleton and Scott

My personal experience travelling to Antarctica with the descendants of great Antarctic explorers.

Commissioned by THINX to write a personal essay. It'll make you laugh, cry, wince, feel nostalgic, and more in a thousand words or less. 

Sponsored article in for Preventable

Targeted DM piece sent to 25,000 U.S. households with a high net worth (>$1M). 

Does the thought of competing with Amazon or eBay scare the Bezos out of you? Then read on...

Susan came to me for an little tszuj to her website's copy. 

An informative guide about how travelling to the last pristine continent doesn't have to be harmful to the environment.

Nina Parker shares her lacy little secrets with me...

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