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​Welp, I can’t make any promises since my hands’ll be full. 


Event organizers want to know their audience is in good hands when they book a keynote.​

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Absurdly Amusing
Inquisitively Informative
Quotably Quick-Witted

Absurdly Amusing
Inquisitively Informative
Quotably Quick-Witted


Hi, I’m Karine Bengualid.

You might remember me from such talks as “The Science of Pestering to Get What You Want” on Copyhackers’ Tutorial Tuesdays (the whole web world), HOST Victoria guest speaker (Victoria, BC, Canada), and Josh Shipp’s Rock the Stage (Saratoga, California).

Today, I’d like to talk to you about your next event. With so many amazing speakers, it's hard to pick one that will truly stand out at your conference. I'm here to offer up an informative, actionable, and downright funny take on an old classic: making B2B marketing more fun — puppet edition.  

That's right, I said puppets! Because my felt friends help me show how B2B marketing can and should be more fun. Sure, most marketers probably say things like, “We’re B2B. We can’t be fun.”


Wow! You’ve got some negative attitude there, missus.


There’s a reason fun is… fun. It affects our physiology, our decision-making psychology, and… I won’t ruin the punchline. Needless to say, NOT adding fun to B2B marketing would be downright nutty!

So how's about we chat about what I can do to spice up your already awesome conference? 

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What do you get when you book Karine to speak at your event?



A before-lunch speaker who makes people think instead of wonder what’s on the buffet menu. An after-lunch speaker who gets the crowd laughing, even with a full belly.

Finding Your Threshold

of Fun™


B2B businesses need to make their marketing more fun(ner) or risk missing out on an opportunity to grow their sales. Walking the fine line of adding fun to your B2B marketing can be a dangerous one. Lucky for you, Karine has over 17 years of experience doing just that.


  • There’s a lot of science that says your marketing needs to be more fun. Listen to it.

  • Review the framework to find out just how the Threshold of Fun™ can work for your business.

  • Follow a case study and a few examples of B2B brands and how fun is making an impact for them.

The Science of Pestering To Get What You Want


Pestering people broadly doesn’t work… you need to use a precise formula that’s constructed in the right configuration to be effective. Not enough – or too much – can tip the scales against you. Believe it or not, there is a science to pestering your prospects in order to build honest, genuine, and long-lasting relationships.


  • IRL examples with timelines to show the effectiveness and lessons from pestering.

  • Learn the Periodic Table of Pestering and how each element works together to create the perfect pester.

  • A few jokes, and one heck of an actionable keynote.

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