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Why fun?

And when these people become your brand ambassadors, they are shouting about you from the social rooftops. They're telling everyone in their industry, network, and even non-users about how awesome you are. 

Don't believe me? I challenge you to find a B2B brand that is doing fun (the right way) and that doesn't have the best customer engagement evah!

I can help from the very early stages of finding just how much fun your brand and industry can tolerate with my signature Threshold of Fun™, coming up with amazingly amazing ideas, planning it out so your team has the roadmap they need to win at fun... 


So what say you? 

NB: If your product or service isn't already stellar, no amount of fun in the world will help solve that fail...


Warning. Disclaimer.


Why not? 

What if I told you B2B is still just B2C... because your buyers are actually consumers of your product or service. 

Some will disagree because of course the purchasing flow is different for B2B... No duh!


But humans are using your products and need your services. Humans are making those purchasing decisions. So why not make the whole experience fun? In fact, when you make your brand and your marketing fun, you're building ambassadors. People who love your brand, not just because of the solution you solve, the pain point you ease, but because you're also fun! 

Grow my sales.

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