Threshold of Fun™

This is the signature package. The big kahuna. The big dipper. The big cheese. The grand poobah. 


It's my proprietary, super-secret, supacoo, ultra-fun three-step process to help any B2B business bring more fun into their marketing. Here's how it goes...


No matter your business or industry, everyone can have a little (or a lot) of fun.


Ideas for fun come in all different shapes and sizes, and it’s up to us (well, me) to help you find out what that is for your business.

Let’s call this your sandbox. Because we play in a sandbox, and sandboxes can be small like the one a parent might make for their kid in a small backyard, or they can be huge like at schools or playgrounds, or it can be the entire beach on the Mediterranean coast of France.

No sandbox is too small, and no sandbox is too big.

The only question is: how big is your sandbox? And that's the trick to infusing your marketing with just the right amount of fun so it doesn't seem off-putting to your stakeholders. 



Once we have your Threshold of Fun™, we can start to play in your sandbox. This is when 
we shine a light on a whole bunch ‘o ideas and see which ones stick.


Ideas are at the heart of your marketing strategy. Ideas are what make your brand innovative, as long as you are consistently generating new ones.


That’s where I come in.


Working together will force you out of your comfort zone and into the idea zone. The zone where we generate new ideas, yes, but also where we figure out exactly how to attract the new buyers through fun marketing and content.

It’s also where we throw out ideas that’ll never see the light of day...and for good reason! Because not every idea is worth running with. 


Through guided brainstorming sessions, a heck of a lot of user research, and some input from you, we’ll finish with ideas your whole team will be proud of.


Ready to plan for the kind of marketing that makes your readers think, engage, and (most importantly) talk about you?


The planning stage is where the ideas we’ve generated come together in a coordinated and integrated strategy to help you hit your business goals. 


We’ll make your ideas come to life in a way that not only supports your overall business goals, but that’s measurable. Because ROI is the ruler of all the marketing land when it comes to your stakeholders, amiright?


Interested in learning more about the program and getting started?

See how it will help my business.