Finding the Fun

A Brainstorm Strategy session removes the guess-work to make your content, your marketing, your brand, even your business more fun. It touches all departments, not just marketing, so it helps secure the much-needed buy-in from all your internal stakeholders. And we can even build a horizontal marketing plan by creating ideas and concepts that are applicable to the entire organization. Fun!

Phase 1: Interview 

Phase 2: Homework

Phase 3: Initial Ideation

Phase 4: Sticky Session (half- to full-day workshop, in-person or video conference)

Phase 5: Planning

Phase 6: Present Ideas & Strategy


Finding your Threshold of Fun™ takes approximately two (2) months and starts at $10,000. 

This program is ideal for companies that want to stand out from their competitors and start appealing to the humans who are buying and using their products or services. For companies that know their ideal customers are getting younger and aren't responding to your traditional marketing efforts. 

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Add fun to my B2B marketing efforts.