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Learning curve

Freelancers start on day 1. It's that simple. We are not afforded the benefit of a learning curve. You need the work to start rolling in, and we need to get it done. #Getterdone

Our experience jumping from one project to another over and over again means we can take the project and run with it, for the most part, from the moment you hire us. After all, that is why you hire a freelancer.

Corporate learning curves are estimated to be anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the complexity of the industry or business in general. But when you hire a freelancer, your expectation is for the project to be delivered on time, on budget (unless otherwise stated), and on brand standards. It's that simple. Sure, there are revisions and edits, nothing is rarely perfect, but overall, that is what you can expect and anticipate.

I’m not knocking full timers. I was a full time employee for 13 years before I started freelancing. As a former marketing manager, I also appreciated the work ethic and consistency I received from my freelancers. And I understand the need for these good folks. And I see the synergy between the full time employees working side-by-side with the freelancers you engage.

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