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Brought To You By The Letter K

Many people have asked me what the name of my company means. And with good reason. It's kind of a long name. And it's kind of weird. Except for the "K" part, since that's the initial of my first name.

But there is a story. An interesting one, methinks.

Picture it. Montreal. 1980-something. I was a little girl; a unilingual francophone little girl. My older sister, who is six years my senior and was born in Toronto, spoke a little English herself. I did not.

To be completely truthful, I don't remember much of that time (it was over 30 years ago). But I do somehow recall that between my sister and Sesame Street, a bilingual little girl I became. And yes, I did have a French Canadian accent, one which I lost over the years.

If you watched Sesame Street in the '80s and possibly '90s (I haven't watched it since so I cannot say if they still do it), each episode was "sponsored" by two letters of the alphabet and a number. This was their way of teaching kids the alphabet and how to count. (Speaking of counting, remember The Count?)

[Watch Prairie Dawn introduce the letter "K" and

Cookie Monster do what he does best: eat!]

Since I am technically a Francophone and English is my second language, I thought it only fitting to pay tribute to what started me off on the path to entrepreneurship. It's an homage to Sesame Street.

So to all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers as well as Big Bird, Snuffaluffagus, Bert and Ernie and all their felt and furry friends, thank you with a capital 'K'! Wait... what?


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