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"So how much will this cost?"

That's everyone's favourite question.

Don't think of it so much as an expense, but rather an investment. An investment in your marketing, your lead generation, your brand awareness, developing your expert status and of course, giving you more time so you can do what you do best.

"OK, so? How much?"

Well, there is no set price. It's really based on what you need and how to best go about delivering. I will say this, there is a minimum project fee of $1000. This is to ensure we're both working together with the best interest of your business in mind. So whether that translates to a few blogs, a couple of key pages for your website, or something else, it'll be the start of a beautiful [working] friendship.

I typically charge per project, and not hourly. Why? Because who wants to worry about how long something is going to take? #Clockwatchers

As business owners or as budget manager, we want to know how much something will cost, all in. Right? And trust me, I don't want to rush to make sure I get you the best price, and you certainly don't want me to rush because... mistakes. Whether it takes me 2 hours or 20 hours, the price is the same to you.

But. If you really want a truly fabulous experience, may I recommend a retainer? Why are retainers so great? Because, unlike piece work, you and I get to start a relationship, a relationship based on words, based on deliverables. I get to learn your brand and deliver certain pre-determined projects on a monthly basis. Again, retainers are based on projects being delivered, not hours worked. It can be 4 blogs a month or it can be 2 sales pages per month, or 1 newsletter, or infinite combinations and permutations of these and other copy-related things.

So whatta ya say we chat, get to know each other and figure things out together?

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