The Sport of Networking and Cold Outreach: 

how to truly build relationships that last and are not-so-secretly beneficial

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How do you feel about networking and cold outreach? It's time you learned there's a good way and a bad way of doing it. 

Every business owner needs to learn how to network like a pro, make long-lasting relationships with potential business partners, and not be that creepy sales reptile everyone fears. 

What you'll learn: 

  • Finding the ideal people to network with and how

  • How to introduce yourself and make your pitch 

  • The trick to making them look forward to your follow-ups (because there will be follow-ups!)

But don't just take my word for it...

Watch & learn on-demand for only $49 so you can start seeing the same results.


I was reluctant to try cold emailing. I thought it gave prospective clients the upper hand. But when I had to generate more income in my business and my other ideas weren’t working, I decided to give it a shot.

And before the send button was hit in the first batch, I got a positive response! I booked a call with a dream client and cold pitching has become my go-to for generating action. 


When I needed to generate leads for my business fast, a little part of me knew that I couldn't afford to ignore cold emails any longer. Karine's package gave me all the steps I needed to take. Plus, there were awesome examples of real emails Karine sent- emails that got her some awesome results.

And the results I got were definitely worth the discomfort. I landed a meeting with a client from my dream list within 2 days of sending my first email. And every reply I got complimented me on my pitch.

Without Karine's help, I would still be sitting at my desk, waiting for "the right time" to start sending emails. But now thanks to her, I can't wait to see where cold emails can take my business.


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