YAY! Thanks for signing up for our 1:1 pestering mindset session. 

You'll receive a personal email from me inviting you to pick the day and time of your session. Options are Tuesdays and Fridays in January and February only. So plenty of options to pick from to make sure you become a pestering PRO. 

Be sure to mark my email as safe: K (at) theletterk (dot) ca so you get the calendar info. 

PS: sorry, Shia Lebeouf will not be attending joining us, however I promise it'll still be as awesome as if he was hosting himself. Or maybe even more awesomer than that? Pffft, like that's even possible. 

and receive infrequent* updates
If you sign up, I promise not to spam you or sell your info for my personal gain unless it's like worth $1M or something, then all bets are off. You've been warned.
*not a typo
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