Reasons to blog

Oftentimes I get asked, "Karine, why should I blog?" And the answer is (for our purposes), four-fold. Note: there are way more reasons to blog, but frankly, I only did four videos. So, as far as this page is concerned, there are only four reasons to blog. Unless I decide to make more videos, then there will be MORE reasons to blog. 

Reason #1 - The obvious reason is to drive (more) traffic to your website. 

Reason #3 - Getting the word of mouth out about your brand, getting the support of a loyal community behind your brand is part of the reason you blog, and share information, and engage in the conversation. 

Reason #2 - Growing your SEO goes hand-in-hand with driving traffic to your site, and blogs are a great (organic) way of doing that.

Reason #4 - And the reason any (for-profit) business does anything at all: sales, sales and more sales. Takes a little time to grow your funnel with blogs, but it's definitely a worthwhile (and cost-efficient) way of doing it.