How Can I Help?

My job is to learn about your industry (almost any industry), match your brand's tone/style and expertly write about various topics that will build web traffic and increase brand awareness. If you don't have a set tone/voice, I can help you find that as well. 


Some of the services I offer: 

  • Creating a content strategy including building a content calendar 

  • Updating your website copy to refresh your content

  • Researching & writing blogs or articles on a variety of topics about & related to your industry

  • Using SEO to incorporate searchable keywords in your content

  • Writing monthly or quarterly newsletters showcasing your content 

  • Writing and scheduling "stock" posts for your social media channels (NB: this does not include social media management)


and receive infrequent* updates
If you sign up, I promise not to spam you or sell your info for my personal gain unless it's like worth $1M or something, then all bets are off. You've been warned.
*not a typo
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