Need help planning your content?

Guess what? The new year is literally around the corner. And you need to get your shiz in order before the holidays. 

You need to plan out your content strategy for 2019, you need to map out your content calendar, you need to buy a Secret Santa office gift for Janet in accounting and it has to be under $20, you need to find that awesome outfit for the holiday party, and find a sitter.

Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Except, I do. I have time to help you look good in front of your team and with your customers. I have time to help you get organized. That's what I do. All. The. Time. 


2019 Content Planning & Content Calendar


So what if I told you everything could be done and dusted in two weeks?


What you get: 

  • 12-month themed calendar with all regular and special* holidays 

  • Promotions plan so you get the word out about all your killer content

  • Content ideas for each month related to your theme so you can do it up in style

  • All of this, customized to your business, your industry, your audience 

  • The confidence to start the new year off with a content bang

*special because they are fun, they relate to your industry, and your customers know about them and so should you!