Blog review​

Do you have a blog but not really seeing any leads from it?


Do you want to start a blog but not sure, hmmm, where to start? You know it’s good for business but… how?


Fret not, person-who-wants-to-use-blogging-to-grow-their-biz, I’ve got you covered.


Order this amazing, never-before-seen blog review package and I’ll help you with whatever blog-specific issues you might be tackling.

Sound too good to be true? ‘Tis not because I shall, like Mighty Mouse before me, save the blogging day!

When you say “Qs” I say “As”




Waiiiiit a miiiinute. Oops, that didn’t work out so well…


Ahem. Where were we? Oh ya...

What's included?

Your blog, reviewed. Duh! JK. If you already have a blog, I’ll go through each and every one of them, including the analytics (you need to give me access), and I’ll tell you exactly what is and isn’t working… and why! If something is working, we’ll make sure to file that under the “do more of this” category, and when something is not performing, we’ll tuck that away with the “less is more” items. Then we’ll go into how you can improve the traffic to your blog, how to promote your posts, how to reuse and recycle your existing content, and how to plan for future content so it doesn’t overtake your whole world.

So… what’s not included?

Actually writing or editing blogs, editorial calendars, plans and strategies, etc.

But what exactly?

Ok, check this out. You’ll get a 60-min video review. A WHOLE HOUR! I’ll record it so it’s like you’re standing over my shoulder or sharing my screen to see what you need to do. Trust me, it’s gonna be amaze-balls. Reading a report is great ‘n all, but really, walking you through step-by-step to see what I see and to understand why things aren’t going according to plan, well there’s the gold my friend. This way, you’ll not only be able to do the damn thing (thank you Krista!), but you’ll learn along the way (but in a fun way). Coo? Coo.

How long does a review take?

Once I get your questionnaire and the tidbits I need to get started, you can expect your review in one week, sign, sealed, and delivered straight to your inbox.

That's it?

Have we met? No way that’s all you’re getting. I’m also gonna send you a personalized and actionable checklist of all my suggestions nicely bundled so you can easily start making some changes.

Wait. What? A questionnaire?

YES! It’ll be great. I need to ask you a few questions so that I can give you the best review money can buy… don’t worry, there won’t be any trigonometry questions (that’s the platinum package).

What if it’s already amazing?

First, if it’s already amazing, you’re probably not reading this #amiright? Second, if bits and bobs are really great, I’m not one to shy away from compliments. I can neither confirm nor deny there may be gold stars involved.



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